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I had to make a little adjustment in the bottom padding but that was all. Choose the right Divi Image size. Apologies, I missed your response. As of today, Revolution Slider is the #1 selling slider plugin on the market., How To Make The Divi Portfolio Carousel Responsive, How To Change Text On Divi Contact Form Submit Button, How to Change the Alignment of Your Divi Footer Text. On this episode of Divi Nation I present you step-by-step learn how to make photographs in your full width sliders clickable. As in Eileen’s case, my client wanted to have blog post listing to have more of a traditional look with smaller images on the left and the text on the right. I shared this info with the lady in chat and she was unable to help fix that issue. Come join the fun in the Divi Soupies Facebook Group. With free themes, plugins and more you can have your business website or blog up and running in no time. Est. Please advise. Work was done in a very timely matter and Dustin was great to work with! How to add, configure and customize the Divi slider module. Thank you so much! For example, my slider is fine from my windows 10 laptop but when viewed from a macbook pro, the slider becomes cropped. This means that if you wanted to add a background colour to your content for example, you can do that and the background will span the width of your header and sit flush on all sides, depending where you have decided to align it. Try reading the other comments, a lot of the common issues are covered. Setting the height of sliders in the Divi Theme (and other sites using Divi Builder) can be a surprisingly difficult task. Highly recommended! – Fixed broken image size on image of Slider & Fullwidth Slider modules. I am wondering if a CSS code needs to be added for the button link option to be able to tap it instead of clicking it? A quick Wordpress tutorial on how to change one of the slides within the Divi Theme of a client's Wordpress site. The Password has been removed. However, he hated how the different sized images would move the page up and down and it went from landscape to portrait aspect ratios. I would recommend Innovative to anyone looking for a professional, reliable and very responsive team. The tutorial is written for the full-width slider. Founded by Michelle Nunan, a full time Divi educator and child theme developer, Divi Soup aims to bring useful tutorials, tips and tricks to both new and experienced Divi … Great! I owned the company for over 20 years, and Dustin treats customers in a very courteous and professional manner. Then we position the content using the align-items property. I have searched for two days on info on how to do this. Set the Width as well as Max Width to 100% (you can type manually on the Max Width option). I need to update this tutorial, just haven’t had time lately. If you want to be able to control it on a slide-by-slide basis, it's a bit trickier as Divi doesn't give you a way to set a CSS id on an individual slide. Padding is now under the “Design” tab under “Spacing”. From the WordPress Dashboard, go to Divi → Theme Options and, under General Settings, enter the following CSS in the Custom CSS text box: Thanks so much for any help If I am going to have it fullscreen then 950px high and if not, a percentage of that epending how tall I want it to be. With this module, you can organize your videos.You can use any source, for instance, you can put any YouTube or Vimeo link, or you can upload your own mp4 video.So it is up to you which one you want to use. Thanks again!! It has a fixed height, but this can easily be changed by adding a bit of … You may have come into a situation when you created a Divi website with a slider and the size of your slider was just not right. You’re most welcome, I’m glad it worked for you! If you are wondering, Divi is one of the best alternatives to Oxygen Builder app.. Aside from that, Divi sliders also support parallax backgrounds and video backgrounds (which is uniquely one of its kind in the WordPress … If you click on the mobile icon at the end of the padding setting, you can even set it different for Desktop and tablet/smartphone. , hi, not sure if the above is still applicable in year 2020. Unfortunately is not working for me. I tried removing the text from the sliders. Plugin Tutorial: How to Create an Image Carousel in Divi We then also remove the margin so that the content container spans the width of the screen. I’m suprised as i’ve removed all the height relevance. A very honest business that will not overcharge. In your main slider settings (under Advanced Design Settings), set your top and bottom padding to a % (see screenshot below). And if to look at the mobile or tablet view we can see huge pixelated images and a mess. I would need to see how you’re doing the links, but I have used this technique before and it worked for me – ... Slider Speed. So in today’s recipe that is what I am going to cover. This will give you actionable steps you can take to improve your rankings today! So, if you have any input on this, we’d be ever so grateful! I had struggled for so long in the settings and could not work out what to do. You are a rockstar! Choose the CSS positioning of the background image for each slide. Divi is by far the most popular and powerful themes … Do you know of a way to do that with flex as well? For Desktop is the Picture size okay, but on Tablet and Mobile is totally crazy. Here’s the link:, Adding text seems to cause problems with this. Background Image: [add your background image] (I’m using an image from Repeat this step for as many slides as you need. In the toggle below is the complete CSS for the Standard Slider with vendor prefixes and commenting, copy and paste into your child theme stylesheet or Custom CSS box in Divi > Theme Options. Next we remove the default padding for the slides and set the min-height and height to 50vh, which is 50% of the screen height. Sorry to hear the tutorial is not working for you. Hello! Divi’s Fullwidth Slider Module comes with some great features including the ability to add sliders with parallax and video background. First we set the container to be fullwidth and remove the padding. It looks like the slider on your 2nd website is using a button and text. Michelle also runs Divi Academy where she teaches Divi related courses and hosts a membership site for Divi users. Glad it helped! You could try making them a little smaller to improve the quality. Do you… Read more », You can adjust the border with a media query: Question 1 –> Is this because such an effect does NOT work on mobile or is there something that has to be done in Divi for it to work? It looks like you have a 400px height set somewhere –, .et_pb_fullwidth_slider_0, .et_pb_fullwidth_slider_0 .et_pb_slide { Super clear, and solved a BIG problem I had!! Your email address will not be published. Over the years of working with the Divi theme from Elegant Themes, one of the most common complaints I hear is the fact that, by default, the full-width slider module is not responsive (“mobile-friendly”). Add a custom CSS class say custom-slider in Slider Module Settings > Custom CSS > CSS Class. I followed the instructions for full width slider and it worked! I thought 22% in desktop view only was a cause of it and removed it and then added it to the mobile and tablet view top&bottom paddings – no use. Thank you!!!!! Divi allows you to replace the default WordPress Gallery display with a Divi Gallery display. Upload your desired image, or type in the URL to the image you would like to use as the background for the slider. – Fixed the issue when settings from Divi Global Defaults Editor were not migrated to Div Presets for the Divi Builder plugin. Admin Label I’ve tried % numbers between 20-25%. It puts images inside different shapes and elements that maximize a picture’s beauty and purpose. I couldn’t understand why there was no difference, but once I did this it works fine! Founded by Michelle Nunan, a full time Divi educator and child theme developer, Divi Soup aims to bring useful tutorials, tips and tricks to both new and experienced Divi users. You also need to go into each slide and make sure the background size is set to “Cover”. The image carousel module is perfect for showcasing a set of images, your portfolio pieces, client logos and much more. So, when you upload a new image, divi theme will create a thumbnail for use in the divi gallery module (which is the same thumbnail … Our method here will simply remove that smaller size and replace it with the original size, which will also give it the same aspect ratio as the one you upload. The 8 initial logo concepts will be delivered to you within 48 hours. Thank you for creating a great site. After all, I see this question asked in one form or another at least on a daily basis in the Divi Facebook Groups. Like breadcrumbs for Divi theme, headings, texts, separators, animated text, image hotspots, and before-after sliders. Thanks for this solution. How to Create a Slider with Divi. What the CSS code does is, it hides the button and the textual content however permitting to to hyperlink the picture … If you found this helpful please leave a comment and subscribe to my newsletter for all my latest Divi related content. We also remove the default padding which is what usually controls the height, and instead add a min-height and height value of 50vh, which is 50% of the screen height, and these are the value you want to adjust to get your header the height you want it. Posted by Dustin Reed | Divi Theme Tutorials | 82 |. With your site being password protected, it’s hard to troubleshoot why it’s not working. But on mobile devices, the links will not work. Make sure you don’t have a height set on the slider. Upload your desired image, or type in the URL to the image you would like to use as the background for the slider. If you have text or a button in the slider, that can affect it as well. The website is: And that’s it! Some of his other responsibilities/strengths are WordPress website design, CSS/HTML coding, creating visual animations using Jquery, page layout, and troubleshooting many different types of problems that may arise. It looks like you have a height/min-height of 600px set somewhere. To get our slider’s images displaying properly, we’ll need to adjust the background size and possibly position. Thanks for sharing. It is the 3:4 aspect ratio, and it is best for portraits. You can add an image to the top of the slider and still be able to add more to the content area. The field labeled “slide image” is a much smaller image that appears in front of the background image, or can also be left blank so that just the fullsize background image appears. All Rights Reserved. Can you have two different CSS codes in one CSS class box? I would suggest either adding the text directly to your photos or creating the text as a graphic and displaying it that way. Designed by Michelle Nunan, alternating left and right aligned fullwidth slider, aligning the fullwidth slider text left or right, F31: Gradient Snakeline Timeline Infographic, R44: An Overview of Divi 3.18 and WordPress 5.0, Q21: Change the Read More Text and Other Elements in Divi, R23: How to Create a Scrolling Image Carousel in Divi, Q8: Vertically center any content in Divi, R25: How to create a 2, 3 or 4 column square blog layout, R22: How to Add Links to the Divi Gallery Module and Show Captions on Hover. I checked out the link given to Emily by Dustin and started a chat with one of the associates online. I”ve written several tutorials here on the blog about how to control image gallery images, but recently I had a client who wanted a gallery slider. Yet, one problem with this increase in site volume is an increase in malware. Make beautiful images even more beautiful with the help of the Divi Plus Image Mask module. @media all and (max-width: 767px) { The latest version of the Divi Theme from Elegant Themes. Note* due to changes in the latest version of Divi, it now takes 2 additional steps to make this work in all browsers. The Divi Theme comes with a slider module to let you display a gallery of images. I noticed that your second slide in the rotation is working correctly. Hi! It might be too low or too high. Yeah, that will work if you want to apply the rightimage class to whole sliders (so that all the images in the slider show up on the right). There is an option under the advanced tab to “Show CTA on Mobile”, if that’s switched off, it may be why your links aren’t working. Thank you for writing this tutorial. You could also try going to the “Advanced” tab and add this CSS code in the “Main Element” field: height: 56.25vw; (you will need to adjust the 56.25 to get it right for your images). If you want the slider to have a full-width mode, you can edit the row that hosts the Slider module. display: block; .your-element { Please feel free to contact us if you ever need help building your Divi websites. It’s probably in your slider settings, either for the slider itself, or the individual slide settings. To modify this, just add the following code into the Divi custom CSS field (in your WP admin panel: Divi > Theme Options) or to your child theme’s style.css file: I did look at comments, but nothing helped. Next, you will need to add your slides and set your slider photos as the background image for each slide (see screenshots below).

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