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The Zotter family currently sells 365 different types of chocolate and is very successful indeed… Don’t let it fool you, though, since their path to success was anything but easy: in 1987, Ulrike and Josef Zotter opened up their own pastry shop under the same name. 1987 eröffnete der Steirer in Graz mit seiner Frau Ulrike eine Konditoreikette und scheiterte. 2013 Zotter’s traceability scheme offers complete transparency. How do we create a person’s profile? After all, you can’t taste the child labour.". Join the largest, most influential b-school network in China: over 24,000 business leaders, and growing. "Zotter is and will remain at the top of the world-best chocolate manufacturers and by far the most innovative chocolatier of all." Extremely rare to no deviations in the outstanding quality of the products. View the profiles of people named Joe Zotter. : Pre- and post-entry are sub-processes in a broader process of internationalisation. In March 2014, Zotter Chocolate’s brand-new Chocolate Theatre opened on the banks of the city’s Huangpu River and customers could buy about 365 different kinds of chocolates from Zotter China. Mein Weg aus der Krise ("Headstand with Fresh Fish. This failure becomes a pivotal moment in his life. Überschreiten der ersten Schwelle: Durch die Hochzeit kommt Zotter zu etwas Geld, das er in die Renovierung des Lokals investiert. There are 5 companies in the Zotter Schokolade GmbH corporate family. Josef Zotter. Georg Bernardini tested 271 companies from 38 countries and 2,700 products. She has taken a liking to the country and speaks the language fluently. Zotter Chocolate was one of Europe’s few manufacturers with in-house production “from cocoa beans to chocolate bars (bean-to-bar).” “This gave us better control over the quality of our products,” said Josef. For a smaller foreign company, developing the requisite capabilities is often an expensive and difficult process, and so a competent and trustworthy partner can be valuable; that’s what Fang was to the Zotters. Alles begann im Jahr 1987. Marketing strategy or simple temptation? Purpose Stiftung gGmbH Süderstraße 73 20097 Hamburg. S.P. By 2016, Zotter was producing over 400 different varieties of chocolate. Focus client. For others, it might be sensible to start off in a tier-two or tier-three city, where operations (and mistakes) may be less costly. S.P. Nach einer Ausbildung als Koch in Söchau zog Zotter auf den Arlberg und wurde Küchenchef im Hotel St. Antoner Hof. Client. 2014 Opening of the Skywalk, an observation deck made with glass, that allows a spectacular overview of the Edible Zoo and the surrounding area.2015 In the newly erected meat workshop in the neighbouring villlage, Zotter processes the meat from the animals of the "Edible Zoo" directly into the finest meat and cold cuts specialties, which you can try in the eco restaurant. In 2007, Zotter also built a Chocolate Theatre, for people to experience the chocolate production process from beginning to end, and to get a better understanding of the company’s core values, such as its commitment to organic products and fair trade. Zotter entirely rejects artificial flavoring and preservatives. The Zotter family currently sells 365 different types of chocolate and is very successful indeed… Don’t let it fool you, though, since their path to success was anything but easy: in 1987, Ulrike and Josef Zotter opened up their own pastry shop under the same name. 2012 The new film Namaste Kakao - in den Kakaogärten Südindiens ("Namaste Cocoa – in the Cocoa Tree Orchards of Southern India") is shown in the Chocolate Theatre. In the partnership, Fang sensibly relied on the Zotters for the expertise on chocolate, while herself providing the China expertise. Tel: +233 544315238; +233 302745944 There was also the question of whether Chinese customers would understand the avant-garde Zotter Chocolate’s culture. Little Valerie, born 2005, looks after the animals in the petting zoo and is in charge of collecting eggs. For Zotter, Shanghai seemed the obvious choice. Here are his pioneering varieties: Poppy-Cinnamon, Pumpkin Brittle with Marzipan, Hemp, Raw Food, Champagne and Roasted Walnuts with Marzipan. 6 cocoa pods stand for "Extraordinary quality of all products. In so doing it’s important to find a partner who can help with deciphering market needs, interfacing effectively with regulatory bodies and executing on the China strategy. "In Ghana and Ivory Coast, 200,000 children work in cocoa production. Apprenticed as a chef/waiter and pastry chef. What factors are most important when making such a choice? Read more. Are there any lessons here for Chinese firms trying to decide on locations for their overseas expansion? Each Labooko contains a rare cacao variety with a ton of history: the Maya cacao from Belize for example, descended from chocolate’s ancient ancestors, or the Peruvian Criollo cacao with its high content of white beans, the finest and rarest cacao in the world. Haidian District, Beijing 100193, P.R.C  Map Just like with wine, each type of cacao bean has its own very distinct flavor, formed by the terroir of its growing region. We are talking about veritable chocolate miracles consisting of several layers, which are spread by hand – one on top of the other – onto long lanes. Josef Zotter is married to Ulrike Zotter and has three children. Sugar reduction is an important trend, which is why Zotterreinvented its white chocolate; with less sugar and lots more milk. Josef Zotter gründete 1987 seine Konditorei und legte von Anfang an Wert auf höchste Qualität. Tel: +86-755-3699 5111 Read on for excerpts from the case, followed by a Q&A with co-author Professor Shameen Prashantham. Through several early candy-making ventures, Josef Zotter began to be recognized for his fine chocolates, some with unusual and unique flavors. When it came to persuading Chinese customers, people were always the key. (Chocolate – the reference standard 2015, p. 839)The Top 25 are awarded 6 cocoa pods. A gama de ingredientes para as barras de chocolate Zotter inclui aspargos, vodka, aipo, queijos, limão, lavanda, e uma infinidade de sabores mais exóticos. The difference is that before you enter you’re making hypothetical decisions, and once you’ve entered you’re making decisions based on reality. Anfänge. The test included 550 brands and 4,000 products from 70 countries. Zuvor hatte Zotter zwölf Jahre lang eine Konditorei mit vier Filialen betrieben, deren Zotter-Torten regionalen Ruhm erlangten. Together with his wife Ulrike, Josef Zotter founded his chocolate factory in Riegersburg near Graz, in beautiful Styria, in 1999. Und einmal eine süße feinduftende Kaffeeschoko, in der frisch gemahlener, fair gehandelter Kaffee steckt, der direkt bei Zotter in der Kaffeerösterei geröstet wird. Zotter submitted 17 chocolates and was awarded 2 x gold, 8 x silver and 5 x bronze, 15 times in total. The chocolate world is in motion, which is why the chocolate tester Georg Bernardini once again published a colossal standard work (919 pages) about the international chocolate market. This is how roses meet almonds, caramel meets fine praline and whisky meets bacon. Les barres Zotter incluent des ingrédients aussi originaux que l'asperge, la vodka, le céleri, le fromage, le citron vert ou encore la lavande. Worried about their health and weight, many Chinese customers preferred to eat organic and natural food (such as nuts), and avoid being extravagant with chocolate. He and his wife Ulrike open the Zotter confectionery in Glacisstraße in the Austrian city of Graz. Email: That’s our issue. 2004 wurde Zotter Vertragspartner von Fair-Trade. Students discussed the case with its co-author and company executives. The company’s rapid growth meant it was not difficult for Josef to get bank loans to fund further expansion. It provided visitors with an opportunity to understand the chocolate manufacturing process, try freshly roasted cocoa beans, taste more than 200 types of chocolate, and take a rest in its Viennese-style coffee bar. A unique result for Zotter, next to top chocolatiers such as Amedei, Michel Cluizel and Demarquette. À l'heure actuelle, Zotter propose 365 variétés différentes de barres et autres sucreries. Fang had no experience in the chocolate business, yet she was enthused by the prospect of partnering with Zotter. After doing more homework on the chocolate industry – including visits to chocolate shops in Japan, the UK, and the US – Fang and Messner decided to help Zotter enter the Chinese market. Insieme alla moglie Ulrike, Josef apre la pasticceria Zotter a Graz e le sue creazioni insolite guadagnano fama regionale portandolo ad aprire in breve tempo altri tre punti vendita. Meals for Schools" project. Februar 1961 in Feldbach, Steiermark) ist ein österreichischer Unternehmer. Nach einigen Jahren wechselte er ins … JOSEF ZOTTER. Leben. The unusual creations such as “hemp slice”, “the funny pie” and “scarlet runner bean roll with coriander” earn regional fame. Gratze’s choice of artistic motifs is driven by his exasperation with advertising that permanently underrates people’s intelligence. Josef Zotter, der Sonnentor-Gründer Johannes Gutmann und der gelernte Investmentbanker und Gründer der „Gesellschaft für Beziehungsethik“ Robert Rogner fordern eine „spirituelle Revolution“ in der Wirtschaft. Ich würde für meine Schokolade die Zutaten … wählen. Another China-specific innovation was chocolate mooncakes which included four flavours: traditional chocolate and three hand-scooped varieties. Julia Zotter (Jg. Is our value judgment a bit off? Zotter is a flavour alchemist to say the least. April 2014: Josef Zotter, his wife Ulrike and daughter Valerie are visiting Cacao-Farmers in Belize, and planting trees together...the beginning of a beautiful teamwork *** Pralinen Schokoladenfabrik Delikatessen Hausgemacht Apfel Essen Und Trinken Abwechslung Geschafft Marzipan Ulrike Zotter still manages the company, otherwise this would finally be the end of this organigraphy. Thus, chocolate wasn’t the key interest per se; it was the chocolate’s organic characteristic. Our entire business is Fair Trade certified. Zotter has said goodbye to the ubiquitous chocolate cube patterns and dips his creations in a tender-melting, fine chocolate coat which covers a substantial, deliciously filled center, producing a wonderful bonbon effect. He takes over the management of product ranges such as FlatIce and Mi-Xing bar, an online tool that allows customers to choose from 99 different ingredients to create their very own favourite chocolate. 1994 Chocolate fuses with art. Today Zotter combines innovation and craftsmanship. He wins in the category of Trade & Consumer Goods. Aufgeweckt und nussig. 2006 The entire range is converted to organic production. The Zotter case demonstrates the value of having an excellent Chinese partner. 2013 Zotter opens a Chgocolate Theatre in Shanghai. What are some of the traits European firms should look for when selecting Chinese partners? Damals gründete Josef Zotter im zarten Alter von 26 Jahren mit seiner Frau Ulrike die Zotter Konditorei in Graz. Foco no Cliente. He expands and opens three more branches. 2013 The Open-Air Cinema opens in the Edible Zoo. ): First, I think that it’s important to be clear about what the value proposition for the contemporary Chinese market is. Facing bankruptcy, he decided to close shop and … Ulrike Zotter continues to manage the company, otherwise this biography would end here. Josef Zotter, born 21 February 1961 in Feldbach, Styria. : Entering any international market requires access to new knowledge and networks. ... Ulrike Zotter und Vater von drei Kindern. In this case, my own view is that both the US and China offered attractive opportunities in terms of viability and feasibility; personal passion might have tipped the balance in favour of China. “Chocolates to them are like green tea to us – that is, not very familiar.” From the beginning, they decided to build a Chocolate Theatre in Shanghai, to raise awareness among Chinese customers. Together they open the z o t t e r Chocolate Manufactory, an artisan workshop in what used to be the barn of Josef’s parents’ farm. In August, Zotter opened up a pop-up store on its own premises at the warehouse in Cape Coral, Florida.2015 Artifical Fertiliser for Body and Soul. In 2011, Josef began looking for potential business partners in China. 1987) arbeitet seit 2017 in der Produktentwicklung mit. From humble beginnings, the factory now receives over 250,000 visitors a year and accounts for around 20% of Zotter’s sales. Zuerst widmeten sich Josef Zotter und seine Frau einer Konditorei, die bekannt für ausgefallene Tortenkreationen war. 699 Hongfeng Road, Pudong, Shanghai 201206, P.R.C.Virtual Reality Campus Tour | Map | Campus Layout Aufgeweckt und nussig. Zotter BALLEROS GmbH. Art designer Andreas h. Gratze transforms chocolate wrappers into works of art and makes up witty titles such as "For Rascals" and "For Good Ones." Cliente. Leben. Zotter ist eine echte Institution, wenn es um Schokolade geht. Animals and plants are not products but living beings that should be treated with love and respect. Josef Zotter is married with three children. 2012 Josef Zotter and his family visit Burmese child refugees in Thai camps, whom he supports with his "Yummy! Fünf Jahre später begann die Produktion der ersten handgeschöpften Schokolade. Zuerst widmeten sich Josef Zotter und seine Frau einer Konditorei, die bekannt für ausgefallene Tortenkreationen war. 2016 Zotter is nominated for the World Entrepreneur Of The Year Award 2016 in Monte Carlo. 2004 Zotter converts the entire range to FAIRTRADE. All products are created by hand with love at Zotter’s in-house workshop, bean-to-bar and using fair traded ingredients, and then beautifully wrapped in elaborate and stunning designs by Andreas H. Gratze, who turns each individual chocolate bar into a beautiful, sensual present. Nach einer Ausbildung als Koch in Söchau zog Zotter auf den Arlberg und wurde Küchenchef im Hotel St. Antoner Hof. “After three years, we were probably the number one company for organic detergents in China,” Fang said, “We wanted to devote the rest of our lives to supporting organic trade, which is good for society and the environment.”. Mr. Zotter uses dairy products from organic farmers in the mountains of Tyrol and specialty organic products, like seeds, fruit and nuts, from local farms. Email: info@ceibs.eduMake an Enquiry, CEIBS Zurich Campus, Hirsackerstrasse 46,  By the same token the strengths need to be there too, since in the first instance the foreign company will likely not have sufficient understanding of local customers, regulations, and operational challenges. Whenever Julia talked about the top managers in Zotter China, she always said how proud she was to have Fang and Messner on board. Their unusual creations such as "hemp slices", "full-of-fun gateau" and "beetle bean roulade with coriander" become famous throughout the region. But the company’s story began long before that. For instance, their strengths may be limited to certain types of products or regional locations. Zotter focuses on innovation. Zotter's creative and extraordinary creations like the “Hemp Bar” and the “Funny Cake” gather international recognition. Fang and Messner ran their own company in Shanghai, Cedar Essentials Co. Ltd., which imported natural and organic products such as cosmetics and detergents. It took him two years to complete the research for his book Der Schokoladentester ("The Chocolate Tester"), in which he rates Zotter as one of the best chocolate makers in the world. Zotter’s strawberry chocolate comes in at number 2 – a chocolate that sets new standards, as Bernardini says. Sometimes those original Zotter combinations are classic, sometimes eccentric, but they always produce a sublime and unique flavor experience. Georg Zotter: Birthdate: estimated between 1774 and 1832 : Death: Immediate Family: Son of Josef Zotter; Josef Zotter; Maria Zotter and Maria Zotter Husband of Maria Zotter Father of Josef Zotter; Juliana Zotter; Johann Zotter; Georg Zotter; Maria Zotter and 1 other Brother of Elisabeth Bauer. Box, CH-8810  Heute gilt die Zotter-Schokolade als eine der besten der Welt. She explained, “We knew we wouldn’t sell a lot of chocolate at first, but we understood that Shanghai was a place for entertainment and experiencing new things.”. Without a compelling reason to buy, why would customers in another market bother to select your product? Josef Zotter ist verheiratet mit Ulrike Zotter und Vater von drei Kindern. All our chocolates are of course fairly traded. The chocolate is still made in Austria and delivered to China. If the shared values aren’t there, the partnership may crumble under pressure. , by the audit & consulting organisation EY at an award gala at the Hofburg in Vienna. P.O. Do you behave differently before the foreign firm has entered and after it has already established a presence in China? We also have a number of innovative, new fruit bars, their stunning colors and natural flavors derived entirely from berries and other fruit. Er absolviert die Meisterprüfung zum Konditor und experimentiert mit außergewöhnlichen Zutaten. Josef Zotter und seine Frau Ulrike erregen mit ihren ungewöhnlichen Torten- und Schokoladenkreationen regional erhebliches Aufsehen, in der Folge werden drei weitere Filialen eröffnet. Zotter refuses to give up and in 1998 introduces a new product range of hand-ladled bars of drinking chocolate. Her deep understanding of local conditions and access to vital networks made it feasible to convert the Zotters’ dream of creating a chocolate theatre in Shanghai into a reality. Das auf die Schokoladenproduktion spezialisierte Unternehmen wurde 1999 vom Koch und Konditor Josef Zotter in der damaligen Gemeinde Kornberg in der Steiermark gegründet. ", 1999 Zotter was still a one-man-one-woman operation, 1999 The first Zotter shop was in my mother’s lounge. Join Facebook to connect with Joe Zotter and others you may know. Nel 1992 inizia a produrre cioccolatini e inventa il cioccolato scavato a mano, una miscela di inventiva […] 1996 musste Zotter Insolvenz anmelden. Email: info@ceibs.eduMake an Enquiry, Building 20, Zhongguancun Software Park, 8 Dongbeiwang West Road,  2007 The Manufactory is extended to accommodate bean-to-bar production and the Chocolate Theatre. They also had a chance to sample Zotter’s wide range of products. ", says Josef Zotter.2015 Zotter ranks among the Top 25 - the best chocolatiers in the world. Map So in making plans it is important to undertake competent external and internal analyses, to assess the power and interest of stakeholders, and to come up with an appropriate market entry strategy. In December 2012, Zotter Organic Chocolate Shanghai Ltd. was formally registered, with joint investment from Zotter and Cedar Essentials. The company also introduced China-specific packaging for special occasions. Based on Fang’s success in this case, what are a few best practices that will help Chinese business executives better understand and collaborate with Europeans?

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